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Blob's Odd Jobs by B. Patrick, Attilio Torre

By B. Patrick, Attilio Torre

Blob Robertson, the city’s pleasant hearth hydrant purifier, is uninterested in being unappreciated for his labor, so he comes to a decision to pursue a brand new occupation. After attempting many bizarre occupations, together with a cloud watcher, ink pen refiller, and sock inside-out turner, Blob reveals his position on the earth. the wonderful, comedic, and fantastic illustrations deliver Blob and his atypical jobs to existence.

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Vocabulary mėgti, mėgsta, mėgo like skaityti, skaito, skaitė read sportuoti, sportavo sportuoja, go in for sport keliauti, keliauja, keliavo travel ne- nei…, nei… neither…, nor… (note the double negative) rašyti, rašo, rašė write pasivaikščioti, pasivaikščioja, pasivaikščiojo go walking, for a walk Exercise 3 Fill in the table below on the basis of the examples given: 55 Exercise 4 Find the pairs: 1 Ar tu esi (a) aš negyvenu čia 2 Mes mėgstame (b) iš Amerikos. 3 Ar jūs (c) gyveni čia? 4 Studentas yra (d) mėgstate keliauti?

It is pleasant’) In the vocabulary lists we give grammatical information only when you cannot guess it for yourself. For verbs, we give their three basic forms, namely the infinitive and the third persons present and past, as they are more difficult to predict. We leave out accentual information in the lists. We have done this to simplify the initial perception of Lithuanian for you; all that information is there for you in the Reference section, in 42 the Lithuanian–English and much smaller English–Lithuanian glossaries, and in a good dictionary.

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