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Bizenghast, Volume 6 by M. Alice LeGrow

By M. Alice LeGrow

Dinah should be again on course to caring for her nightly projects, yet because the ultimate vaults technique, those projects have gotten more and more tough, and evermore lethal. Dinah's transformation from apprehensive and disturbed lady to brave younger girl is almost entire, yet extra issues hang-out the Mausoleum than simply unsatisfied spirits, and the scary tale in the back of Vincent's mystery learn could eventually be printed.

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We’re here with our new agent! Hello? Eniri? That’s odd, she is usually so punctual. Wow! Look at this place! does your sister really sleep in this... nest? Eniri has the same human form as the rest of us. Her habits are sometimes a puzzle to me. Is she a... does she have a bird form? Like right now, for example. I can’t imagine what’s detained her. indd 59 7/2/10 2:44:48 PM She takes ceremony more seriously than any of us. That bracelet on the sideboard was to be presented to you by her. This one right here?

Indd 53 7/2/10 2:44:47 PM She should be home working right now. Where did she go at this hour? indd 54 7/2/10 2:44:47 PM Arrrr, another round for me shipmates! Here’s to the wee lass and her 30th vault! Heh, thanks, guys. I really wasn’t expecting a party. And that’s not all! Tell her what she’s won, Vanna! that doesn’t look like a vault. Well Miss Dinah, it’s time for you to meet our dear sister Eniri. We must go meet her in her personal chambers. What gives? Oh right, I almost forgot that was tonight!

Now hoof it, broad. indd 63 7/2/10 2:44:48 PM Where exactly are we going? And also why? As an advanced agent, you are entitled to learn more about the inner workings of the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum, like every guild on Earth, has at its core a Seed, which is a tiny piece of the afterlife. It allows us to communicate with the afterlife, to receive new orders, and to move between this world and the next in order to hide our guild during the day. indd 64 7/2/10 2:44:48 PM “Within the deepest antechamber of every guild, its Seed lies in sanctuary, bestowing its magic on all of us.

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