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Bizenghast, Volume 3 by M. Alice LeGrow

By M. Alice LeGrow

Dinah eventually is aware why Vincent is sacrificing himself for her. She needs to confront her innermost feelings if she plans on releasing all of the spirits locked within the Mausoleum and saving him. As time quick disappears and the riddles develop into tougher to resolve, Dinah realizes she may perhaps lose her closest pal.

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Maybe they do it to forget who they once were.... indd 53 7/2/10 1:46:24 PM Hang on, I want my hatpin. Are you almost ready? It’s getting late. Aha! The first ghost to mess with me tonight gets a hatpin in the face. indd 54 7/2/10 1:46:24 PM Everything else was dirty, so yeah. My dad’s. Don’t worry, you’ll grow into it. My shirt doesn’t fit too well. Is that your dad’s? indd 55 7/2/10 1:46:25 PM What the...? Hey guys. No capers tonight, we’re in the middle of a shipment. You might as well go home.

ON YOUR FEET! NOW! indd 37 What’s happening? How did I get here? Where did the party go? indd 38 7/2/10 1:46:18 PM This giant wheel turns the islands around Ixi’s floating world! } What is this place? Don’t you know? We’re here to turn the world around for Ixi’s amusement. indd 39 She was right, her world does have two faces. The beautiful face above and the ugly face of slavery below! how much longer I can keep this up... indd 40 7/2/10 1:46:19 PM I think I know how this place works now... This giant wheel turns the ropes that thread through those rolling cogs, and they rotate the islands.

Of course. You don’t think we could handle all the ghosts in the world, do you? There are Guilds all over the Earth, and not all of them are mausoleums. In fact, I only know of one other like this one. Those women over there are from the Metro... that’s an opera house a little south of here. Other than them, our closest neighboring Guilds are up in Canada. indd 60 7/2/10 1:46:26 PM Oh, so you know all the other people from the Guilds? Are they your friends? Not really. More like coworkers. They keep to their territory and we keep to ours.

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