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Bismarck by Paui Schmalenbach

By Paui Schmalenbach

Bismarck [Warships in Profile 18] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор: Paui Schmalenbach Название: Bismarck [Warships in Profile 18] Издательство:Profile guides Ltd Год: 1973 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 5.7MB Язык: английскийСтраниц: 28*2 fifty one

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The British scrapped bright-coloured uniforms, and, always one ahead in ideas, brought in khaki – though they only made a few thousand uniforms. Illusions were virtually universal – only the ‘wild’ H. G. Wells, the designer, Albert Robida, the Russian theorist, Ivan Bloch, appreciated that war would be industrialized, with millions of deaths and entire nations mobilized. Works on war became so numerous after 1906 that they provoked a whole subsidiary literature, a great army of critics. When war came, these were still attempting to make something of the phenomenon.

It had begun 27 28 the great war 1914–1918 long before Sarajevo and went on after Versailles. In 1912–13, in the first Balkan war, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia had defeated Turkey; they shared out parts of Thrace and Macedonia. Bulgaria had borne the main burden and won the greatest victories. Both she and Serbia felt their share was insufficient, and planned war even before peace was signed with Turkey; Serbia received help from Greece and Romania, while Turkey once more attacked Bulgaria, who was thereby attacked on all sides at once.

There were ten more to follow. Germany had little literature of this kind, but there was a great deal in France, closely reflecting diplomatic vicissitudes. Up to 1904 British and Germans were linked or alone in war with France and Russia; after 1904 only Germany – La bataille de la Woëvre, La débâcle de l’Allemagne dans la prochaine guerre, and La fin de la Prusse er le démembrement de l’Allemagne (1913). Over twenty works in England foresaw the British surprised, invaded and defeated – an idea to which cross-Channel tunnel projects lent some actuality.

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