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Birth In Babylonia & The Bible (Cuneiform Monographs, 14) by Stol

By Stol

Employing fabric spanning 3000 years, this ebook examines childbirth within the Biblical and Babylonian global. It follows the mummy and baby from perception to weaning, reading various varied texts and themes. It bargains with the vicissitudes and approaches of labour and supply, supply with magical vegetation and amulets, and with felony concerns on the subject of abortion or to the legal responsibility of the wet-nurse. the various texts are wealthy and special. Babylonian incantations to facilitate delivery describe the kid relocating "over the darkish sea" and, like a boat, attaining "the quay of life". Discussions are supplemented with appropriate examples drawn from Greek and Roman assets, Rabbinic literature, and sleek ethnographic fabric from conventional heart japanese societies. The final bankruptcy bargains with the terrible baby-snatching demon, Lamastum.

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ZAW 102 (1990) 385-391. He offers a critical edition of Physiologus, Chapter 43. 59 Rotlzoll, 390 f. 60 I traced the origin of this "fact", communicated in commentaries of Genesis and Song of Songs. , ", G. Dalman, Arbeit und Sitte in Paliistina VI (1928) 250. H. Pope, 649. On the other hand, Stephan adds: "The leaves green cut and mixed with other vegetables, cooked in a pie, and given to a woman are said, however, to be a sure way to make her sterile. H. Stephan, "Studies in Palestinian customs and folklore.

Old: "It is said (in your letter) that she is a fifty-year old. No, she is a sixty-year old! ( ... ) No, for a woman who has completed sixty years, it is not possible to prepare medicines for her, so that she might still be caused to give birth". MES). ) and they can prepare the herbs; "may the Sungod and the Stormgod give order that this enterprise succeeds". What Rameses means is: Maybe a miracle will happen. One is astonished at the naivety of these Hittites. What little the Hittites knew of official medicine they had copied from Sumero-Akkadian sources.

Sigrist, "Une tablette d'incantations sumeriennes", ASJ 2 (1980) 153-167; G. Farber, "Another Old Babylonian childbirth incantation", JNES 43 (1984) 311-316 (Ill syllabIC Sumcnan). L. Finkel, "The Crescent Fertile", AfO 27 (1980) 37-52 (YBC 5636 YOS 1140). 82 W. Heimpel, "The Babylonian background of the term 'Milky Way' ", in Studies A. W. Sjoberg (1989) 249-252. 81 = 61 Ill. Magic and the Divine Incantations woman of our incantation is a member of the royal family, we may suppose; she is the prototype of any woman on earth.

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