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Biotechnology and Bioinformatics: Advances and Applications by Devarajan Thangadurai, Jeyabalan Sangeetha

By Devarajan Thangadurai, Jeyabalan Sangeetha

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology, this e-book covers the function of particular supply of polymeric nanodrugs to melanoma cells, microbial detoxifying enzymes in bioremediation and bacterial plasmids in antimicrobial resistance. It addresses sleek developments reminiscent of pharmacogenomics, assessment of gene expression, recombinant proteins from methylotrophic yeast, identity of novel fermentation inhibitors of bioethanol creation, and polyhydroxyalkanoate established biomaterials. The publication highlights the sensible software of biotechnology and bioinformatics for bioenergy, creation of excessive price biochemicals, modeling molecular interactions, drug discovery, and custom-made medication.

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