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Battle at the Alamo by Teri Temple

By Teri Temple

Find out about the occasions that led as much as the tragic conflict on the Alamo, together with the disputes among Mexico and the us. learn about the fantastic discoveries, fierce conflicts, and dynamic cultures that assisted in shaping this state. The format of the textual content and critical textual content gains supply scholars the chance to simply make connections and construct which means of the historic occasions that happened in this time. This identify will enable scholars to figure out or extra major principles of a textual content and clarify how they're supported through key information.

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No one will ever know for sure how many died at the Alamo that day. It is believed that between 190 and 260 Americans were killed. Santa Anna’s losses were far greater. Of the nearly 2,400 Mexican soldiers, as many as 600 were killed and hundreds more were wounded. A small group of defenders, including Davy Crockett, had been captured that morning and brought before Santa Anna himself. Some of his officers begged him to show mercy on the prisoners, but Santa Anna ordered all the rebels executed.

Who won the Battle at the Alamo? Extension Activity Using modeling clay, balsa wood, paint, and other art supplies, build a replica of the Alamo. Learn about the events that led up to the tragic Battle at the Alamo, including the disputes between Mexico and the United States. Find out about the amazing discoveries, fierce conflicts, and dynamic cultures that helped shape this country. The layout of the text and important text features give students the opportunity to easily make connections and build meaning of the historical events that took place during this time.

2. Who originally settled in Texas? What was their mission? 3. Why was the Battle at the Alamo important to Santa Anna? 4. How did the Texan rebels prepare for war? 5. Describe the role Texas played in the debate over slavery. 46 Glossary ancient (AYN-shuhnt): very old; something belonging to a long time ago barricades (BAR-uh-kaydz): barriers to stop people from going past a certain point bayonets (BAY-uh-nehts): blades attached to the end of a rifle for hand-to-hand combat colonists (KOL-uh-nihsts): people who settle in a distant land while remaining a citizen of another; before independence, Texans were colonists of Mexico musket (MUS-kiht): a firearm with a long barrel that was held over the shoulder while firing republic (ree-PUHB-lik): a form of government that is run by the people and those they elect; the leader of a republic is an elected official rather than a king or queen retreat (ruh-TREET): to back away from a difficult situation siege (SEEJ): a military operation in which an important enemy building or area is surrounded and cut off in such a way that supplies cannot easily be brought in; the idea is to slowly wear down the enemy and have them surrender without going to battle tomahawk (TOM-uh-hawks): small axes originally used by American Indians as a tool or weapon Union (YOON-yuhn): another name for the United States, especially during the first half of the nineteenth century 47 Index Adams, John Quincy 41 Austin, Stephen 12, 13 Ayres, David 29 Baugh, John 5 Bowie, Jim 16, 21, 24 Caddo people 9 Cos, Martín Perfecto de 13, 15 Crockett, Davy 16, 22, 26, 37 Declaration of Causes 14 Deguello 6, 32 Dickinson, Susanna 23, 38 Goliad 38 Gonzales 13, 16, 21, 28, 38, 39 Houston, Sam 14, 20, 36, 38, 39 McGregor, John 26 missions 8 Native Americans 8 Neill, James C.

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