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Batman : Knightfall by Dennis O'Neil

By Dennis O'Neil


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Batman : Knightfall


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I could lie down. " Alfred was shocked. Batman had never admitted a lack of control over himself before. Alfred and Tim Drake were in the billiards room of Wayne Manor, the only room in which there was a television set. They were watching "Midnight Ramblings with Mitzi Manners," Gotham's leading local talk show. Mitzi, a young woman with long, straight auburn hair and the kind of pretty face that is instantly forgettable, was interviewing Dr. Simpson Flanders, a clinical psychologist who was, in appearance, her male equivalent.

No, that wasn't right either. He didn't know what Scarface was, but he did know that Scarface talked and told him what to do. " Scarface said the doctors were full of it. Where was Scarface? Hiding in this tree? Maybe he could chop it down and get a knife and carve and carve and carve until he found Scarface? No, probably not. No Scarface. Not now. Socko would have to do. Hastily, frantically, the Ventriloquist once again pulled off his shoe and sock. He fit the sock over his hand and formed a crease with his thumb and forefinger.

Janine Maxweather was pacing furiously. " "Easy to say now . . now that he's gone," Nikki Jones said. " Darlene Doyle asked. Senta Jernigan shook her head. " The school board had recently put bars on all the windows in the building—"Can't be too careful," the board president had told the faculty. "I heard sirens a while ago," Mattie Roberts said. "The police are outside. " Janine stopped pacing and joined her schoolmates. The girls clustered together in the center of the room and stared at the floor.

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