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Aya de Yopougon, Tome 4 by Marguerite Abouet

By Marguerite Abouet

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They can create nearly any design asked of them, even complex designs involving groups of people, animals and/or orisha. Their masks are famed throughout the Black Kingdoms and are noted as being especially potent (see Faith & Fervour for rules regarding oloibon’s masks; they can create masks for others if the others give them a magical link to attach to the mask). Their ebony clubs are also in high demand because they do not break easily. The Zambah, especially the oloibons, are skilled dancers.

When one advances, everyone in his age category advances with him. Annual birthdays are not remembered or marked – physical development and emotional maturity are indicators of age, not actual years lived. Members of an age category tend to have shared experiences and close bonds. Each age group has its own traditions, rituals and stories. There are twelve major clans in Atlaia and some variation exists between the clans in regard to these initiations. Major variations are noted in the text. Additional variations can be added by individual Games Masters as desired.

It is a decadent city where pleasure is foremost on the minds of its citizens. Athos was once ruled by a queen and is still resplendent in its fabulous wealth. The turrets and towers of the city are made of ivory and many of its domes are gilded. Its population wears jewels from Khitai and its streets are perfumed with oils from Vendhya to provide visual and olfactory pleasures to those that wander the city. It has enslaved its sister city across the river, Zotoz. The people worship the goddess Gita, an insect goddess.

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