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Asterix and the Great Divide by Albert Uderzo

By Albert Uderzo

The trail of real love by no means did run smoothly—especially whilst the sweethearts’ fathers have cut up their city in part. That’s the matter for Histrionix and the attractive Melodrama, son and daughter of 2 rival chieftains. So the star-crossed enthusiasts name in Asterix, Obelix, and Getafix to style every little thing out. Can the trusty trio convince the village to reunite? perhaps a few magic may also help.

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Everything about him is a little odd, I suppose. He is a hermit, after all. And the house. . ’ Aboetta shrugged. ‘It’s big, isn’t it? Rather big for just the two of you. ’ ‘The cellar,’ said Aboetta. ’ The Doctor began shaking, and Aboetta was alarmed until she realised he was laughing. ‘The obvious place for secrets. ’ 44 Aboetta shook her head. ’ ‘Gardeners, estate workers. Guards. Like Captain Bryant and Lieutenant Collins. And me. ’ ‘We’ll see about that,’ said the Doctor. Suddenly the silence was split with the sound of a tolling bell.

Said Anji. She pointed to a corner of the bar. Fitz had to turn round to look. Two of the chain-mailed guards – Watchkeepers – were leaning on barrels, chatting to the landlord. Pistols, similar to Aboetta’s, were laid across the top 41 of the barrels. Every now and then the Watchkeepers looked across at Fitz and Anji. Fitz turned round and shrugged. ‘So what? Look at it from their point of view. We’re outsiders. We have no idea what dangers we could represent to these people. I’d say we’re lucky being treated so well.

You’re looking good too, Evelyn,’ said Aboetta awkwardly. ’ Evelyn sneered. ‘Ah, he’s in the Henry getting pot-valiant with all the others. ’ Evelyn reached out and stroked Aboetta’s arm. ‘Your skin, so smooth,’ she whispered. ’ There was an undertone of resentment in the remark. ’ She did enough work – the reason her skin looked so young was because she was, somehow, still only twenty. ‘Hey, seen Robin yet? ’ ‘No,’ lied Aboetta, not wanting to talk or even think about Robin. ’ said Evelyn. ’ Evelyn poured some wine and they talked about events in Totterdown over the last decade.

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