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Ancient Records of Egypt: Vol. 3: The nineteenth dynasty by Breasted J.H. (Editor)

By Breasted J.H. (Editor)

In 1906, Breasted, America's first famous Egyptologist, released this sequence during which he offers a background of the golden age of Egypt gleaned from its files, a lot of which he was once the 1st student to be allowed to review. This variation, the 1st in paperback, deals a brand new creation via historian Peter A. Piccione, who locations Breasted's paintings in a latest context. an effective sequence for educational libraries and priced in order that public libraries may manage to pay for them.

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FEarly in October, when he had returned from the summer's campaign in Syria (see 11, 409, 410). meaning perhaps the expedition of the king, thus preventing collusion. hAbout ten or twelve words. iEight or ten words. NINETEENTH DYNASTY: HARMHAR 30 18 60 arbor^,^ and the - houses of the estates of Pharaoh, L. P. , and the - of Pharaoh w h i d contain vegetable^,^ (concerning whomc) one of any citizen (C nb) of the shall hear, saying: "They - for any '-Id army, or [any] people, [beginning with this day, the law shall be executed against themIe 35-- transgressing commands.

Now, when many days had]' passed by, while the eldest son of Horus was chief and hereditary prince in this whole land, behold, this august god, Horus, lord of Alabastronpolis, his heart desired to establish his son upon his eternal throne, and [he] commanded IS-of the -j of Amon. Horus proceeded with rejoicing to Thebes, city of the lord of eternity, (and with) his son in his embrace to Karnak, to introduce him before Amon, to assign to him his office of king, to pass his life (as such). Behold, -41 [[they camel with rejoilcing at his beautiful feast in Luxor.

CeoZogy, XXI, 141. 14 NINETEENTH DYNASTY: HARMHAB [8 23 titulary fixed by the gods. To make his claim on the crown legitimate, however, he next proceeds to the palace of the princess, Mutnezmet, the sister of Ikhnaton's queen, Nefernefruaton-Nofretete, who, although advanced in years, was a princess of the royal line, and is there recognized as her husband. 23. After the celebration of a feast in Luxor, the king proceeds northward, to restore the temples of the godsan interesting indication of the destructive work of Ikhnaton's reform, in abolishing the old cults.

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