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AmericanHeritage, American Voices. Colonies and Revolution by David C. King

By David C. King

Find out what existence used to be like in colonial the USA from the folk who lived it!

This first e-book within the American background American Voices sequence provides you with an extraordinary glimpse into the day by day reports of early americans. you are going to examine from fourteen-year-old George Washington approximately his ideas of Civility and respectable Behaviour (such as "Do no longer chortle an excessive amount of or too loud in public."); you will learn the testimony of an accused witch from the Salem witch trials; and you may pay attention in regards to the bad stipulations African slaves suffered after they have been delivered to the United States, from one of many slaves who survived. you are going to additionally learn about what led as much as the Boston Tea get together, what occurred to the signers of the statement of Independence, and the bold undertaking of the 1st submarine (in 1776!).

From Columbus's letter describing his first voyage to the USA to the structure of the us, Colonies and Revolution offers a wealth of interval records, together with diaries, letters, articles, ads, speeches, and extra, from either well-known figures and traditional electorate. learn how all of those American voices operating jointly helped to make this nation what it truly is this day.

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Benjamin Franklin’s life spanned most of the eighteenth century, from 1706 to 1790. From humble beginnings, he enjoyed great success as a businessman, printer and publisher, author, scientist, inventor, government official, philanthropist, and diplomat. His life and remarkable careers came to symbolize America as a land of opportunity. Among other achievements, Franklin helped make Philadelphia the first city to have a public library, a volunteer fire company, a paid police department, and street lighting.

These latter were decorated with bits of store-bought lace, or a colorful scarf. Our shoes and hats were also purchased in town. . All in all, I believe all of us were proud to be dressed in homespun, and we felt we were as fashionable as we needed to be. qxd 11/5/02 10:15 AM Page 29 DAILY LIFE IN COLONIAL AMERICA 29 W ealth and Fashion By the 1700s many merchants, lawyers, and other members of the middle classes could afford to dress nearly as well as the wealthiest Americans. The following short selection is a description of Madame Sarah Knight, a fairly wealthy widow who traveled alone on horseback from Boston to New York City in 1704.

Qxd 11/5/02 10:15 AM Page 31 DAILY LIFE IN COLONIAL AMERICA most people in the town that the hysteria was out of control when some began accusing prominent people of witchcraft, including the wife of the governor. Suddenly people could see how preposterous the whole episode was, and the trials abruptly ended. This reading is from the transcript of the trial of Sarah Good. Good was a poor beggar woman who was one of the first to be accused. 31 ne of the witnesses who testified against Sarah Good was her own four-year-old daughter, Dorcus, who had confessed to being a witch herself.

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