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Aircraft Carriers (Fighting Forces on the Sea) by Lynn M. Stone

By Lynn M. Stone

Ebook through Stone, Lynn M.

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Capstone Press, 2001 Chant, Christopher. An Illustrated Data Guide to Modern Aircraft Carriers. Tiger Books, 1997 Green, Michael and Gladys. Aircraft Carriers: The Nimitz Class. Edge Books, 2004 Stone, Lynn M. In the Air: F/A-18 Super Hornet. html about the author Lynn M. Stone is the author and photographer of many children’s books. Lynn is a former teacher who travels worldwide to pursue his varied interests.

Kennedy. The CV78 class ships will incorporate new technologies, including better radar. They will also have smaller crews and a more modern nuclear power plant. S. Navy cruisers (KRU zurz) — heavily armed warships, smaller than a battleship, and, in recent times, armed with guided missiles destroyers (duh STROI urz) — surface warships traditionally used to defend larger, slower ships from submarines (modern destroyers are armed with guided missiles for multi-missions) displacement (dis PLAY smunt) — the water displaced by a floating ship; the tonnage of the water displaced 30 hostilities (hos TIL uh teez) — serious, often violent disagreements, including open warfare hulls (HULZ) — the sides, bottom, and deck of a ship; the main, enclosing body intervene (IN tur VEEN) — to step between or to become involved in lethal (LEE thul) — deadly nuclear (NYU klee ur) — providing atomic energy in a controlled, but powerful way refineries (ree FINE uh reez) — factories that process oil into gasoline and other products submarines (SUB muh REENZ) — fighting ships that mostly sail under the ocean’s surface tailhook (TALE HOOK) — a steel hook used by a carrier-based airplane to grasp an arresting wire when the plane is landing on the carrier’s deck 31 index airplanes (aircraft) 4, 15, 17, 25, 26, 27 Battle of Midway 22 Battle of Philippine Sea 23 battleship 10, 20 catapults 15 Curtiss, Glen 18 flight deck 15, 17 Ellyson, Gordon “Spuds” 18 Ely, Eugene 18 Essex class 23, 24 hangar deck 17 Korean War 24 Nimitz class 8, 12, 29 tower 14 USS Enterprise 10, 12, 29 USS John F.

Lynn is a former teacher who travels worldwide to pursue his varied interests.

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