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ActualTests IP Telephony Troubleshooting Exam 642425

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This approach allows you to reproduce the solution to a specific problem. If you alter more than one variable simultaneously, identifying the change that eliminated the symptom becomes more difficult. com - The Power of Knowing 642-425 Step5 Perform each step of the action plan carefully, and test to see if the symptom disappears. Step6 Whenever you change a variable, gather the results. You should use the same method of gathering facts that you used in Step2. Analyze the results to determine if the problem has been resolved.

CiscoUnity version currently in use. exe File" procedure. CiscoUnity-CM TSP version currently in use. tsp File" procedure. 1(1), the CiscoUnity-CM TSP was known as the AV-Cisco TSP. RealSpeak TTS version currently in use. See the "To Determine the RealSpeak ENU Language Engine in Use" procedure. Build number(s) of any software releases or upgrades installed. Number, type, and speed of processors. Memory and pagefile size. Hard disk size and free space available. Number and type of voice ports installed.

MTP software supports 26 calls, resources may be exhausted. D. An MTP termination point is required but not present. 323v1) gateway. These supplementary services include Call Hold,Call Transfer,Call Park,and conferencing. v1 endpoint. 323 mechanism(ECS-Empty Capability Set) to support hold,transfer,and other supplementary features. 323v1 endpoints do not support ECSs,so they require an MTP to provide supplementary services. com - The Power of Knowing 642-425 Refer to the exhibit. Your users cannot complete calls to the PSTN.

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