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A Practical Guide for the Perfumer by H. DUSSAUCE


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53 CIIAPTER IV. ENUMERATION AND DESCRIPTION OF THE MOST USUAI~ PERFUMES. sweetest flowers, the perfumes, and generally all aromatic substances are produced in Eastern cou n tries. However, some· are collected in temperate climates, which have it fugitive and sweet odor. but the vegetable kingdom excels the two others in number, variety, and sweetness. From all the substances used in perfumery, we shall narne only the perfumes and arom·atics most 1n use. THE OF ANIMAL ORIG IN. - :Musk, Civet, Castoreum, Alnhergris.

It is viscops to~ the touch; . its odor is penetrating and au btle; if weakened, it ought not to be ammoniacal nor empyreurnatic. This kind is very rare in commerce. This musk is exported in lead or tin boxes weighing from sixteen to twenty-one· ounces. comes from. To this first en velope succeeds another formed of Chinese varnished paper, and covered with a coating of tar'. The second kind has about the same properties TIlE :MOST USUAL PERFUMES. 57 as the first; its odor is less pure; it is a Ii ttle· ammoniacal.

He sold it for three thousand four hundred dollars. This same piece was sold in Europe for tVlenty-two thousand dollars. The. French Company in India bought a ball weighing two ·hundred and thirty-seven and a half pounds for ten' tho~sand four hundred dollars. This substance was so common years ago in the islands of the Polynesia that the inhabitants of Timor used it to calk their canoes. Several chenlists have found ambergris to consist ofAmbreine . Resin. Benzoic acid Carbonaceous substance .

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