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A J-function for marked point patterns by Lieshout M. N.

By Lieshout M. N.

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Do Water Footprints Reveal Relevant Information on Sustainability? WFs are intended to be a transfer of previous footprint concepts such as the carbon footprint to the realm of water resources, assessing amongst other things the virtual water content of people, nations, firms or products (Hoekstra et al. 2009). WF are considered to be in line with previous developed carbon footprint concepts (Gerbens-Leenes et al. 2007). However, greenhouse gases are a real global problem, since their emission contributes to global warming in a homogeneous way, regardless of where and when exactly the emission takes place.

Governance and IWRM One of the most difficult evaluations is the performance assessment of institutional changes (laws, policies, regulations) that are considered key to effective water 2 Performance Indicators in the Water Resources Management Sector 21 resources management. ’’ According to their analysis, the crisis in the water sector is mainly a function of limitations of contemporary institutions, which allocate and manage water and they advocate a series of institutional reforms that are key for successful implementation of IWRM.

J Hydrometeorol 12(5):869–884. 1 Hannah DM, Demuth S, van Lanen HAJ et al (2010) Large-scale river flow archives: importance, current status and future needs. Hydrol Process. 7794 Kalnay E, Kanamitsu M, Kistler R et al (1996) The NCEP/NCAR 40-year reanalysis project. Bull Am Meteorol Soc 77:437–471. 1175/1520-0477(1996)077 Kemp-Benedict E, Cook S, Allen SL et al (2011) Connections between poverty, water and agriculture: evidence from 10 river basins. Water Int 36:125–140 Kistler R, Kalnay E, Collins WD et al (2001) The NCEP/NCAR 50-year reanalysis: Monthly means CD-ROM and Documentation.

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