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A Bayes solution for the problem of ranking Poisson by Dixon D. O., Bland R. P.

By Dixon D. O., Bland R. P.

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8 What distinguished them from the Reformers was the cult of poverty as we find it, for instance, among the "Poor of Lyons," an early Waldensian group. The Waldensians from Lombardy (as distinct from those of France) insisted that their faithful live from the fruits of manual labor. Especially as weavers they lived together, worked together, were hostile to military service, rejected oaths, and hated sumptuous churches. They also seem to have had an anti-intellectual bent. From Lombardy they spread as far as Bohemia.

So let's make it fiftyfifty. " All of which reminds one of that delightful conversation between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin at the Teheran Conference when Stalin wanted to execute 50,000 "Junkers and Militarists" and Roosevelt first proposed 49,000 and then offered as a compromise 49,500. The conver- 32 sation was facetious and, in a way, not so facetious. It disgusted even such an immoralist as Winston Churchill. 11 Yet, whether out of tolerance or indifference, the readiness to yield and to compromise is the quintessence of parliamentary life in a democracy.

Yet psychological affinities should never be overlooked. The New Englanders at the end of the eighteenth century who were convinced that George III had secretly become a Catholic were factually in error I6 as far as the person of the British monarch 52 was concerned, but in regard to the institution their suspicion, though wrong, was not grotesque. Kierkegaard (to quote just one example) thought that all genuine royalists lean towards the Catholic faith. " Like Wyclif he got support largely from the lower nobility, and like Wyclif he was a nationalist.

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