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67 Ways to Good Sleep: A People's Medical Society Book by Charles B. Inlander

By Charles B. Inlander

Supplying established and confirmed how one can get to sleep and remain asleep for the evening, a advisor according to reports of globally clinical literature and interviews with specialists solutions the key questions and provides suggestions to house sleeplessness. Simultaneous.

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All that was taken into consideration as we wrote and edited this book. Whether you are 7 or 70 and are the picture of health or suffer from several physical ailments, 67 WAYS TO GOOD SLEEP has help for you. CHARLES B. INLANDER, PRESIDENT PEOPLE'S MEDICAL SOCIETY Page 1 1 Understanding Sleep Just a century ago, sleep was considered little more than a nightly vegetative state, a time when daily pursuits were stilled for 8 to 10 hours. The brain temporarily ceased to function, and the body disengaged, entering into total, quiet rest.

REM sleep may be needed to sort through short-term memory storage, deleting unnecessary data, laying down important information in long-term memory. Psychoactive drugs, including alcohol, hinder REM sleep. Continued loss of REM sleep creates anxiety, emotional difficulties until sleep debt erased. Insomniacs tend to spend less time in REM sleep than in other stages. Page 11 2 Tips on How to Get Better Sleep If there is a silver lining in the cloud over American sleeplessness, it is that a majority of ussome 60 to 70 percenthave the kinds of insomnia that respond well to self-help.

While not all food and drink produce the same effect in all people, undoubtedly certain ones may keep you awake. Therefore, revisit what you ate at meals Page 29 before nights you lay awake, wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling. Eliminate what you think might be the offender. After a few tries you may discover that a particular food is causing the problem. 31 Don't Eat Foods High in Protein Close to Bedtime. Consuming too much protein in the evening gives your brain the message that it's time to wake up and get busy.

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