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50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Fibromyalgia by Wendy Green

By Wendy Green

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating, power characterized via frequent ache, sleep disturbance, fatigue and different indicators. during this available and informative advisor, discover 50 stuff you can do this present day to regulate fibromyalgia, corresponding to exercise to ease ache, taking advantage of a balanced nutrition and useful vitamins, and discovering beneficial items and organisations.With a foreword via Alice Theadom of the Fibromyalgia organization united kingdom.

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For example, if you find that your symptoms reappear, or get worse, if you don’t eat well, or if you overdo things or don’t get enough sleep, this might involve improving your diet, pacing yourself and practising good sleep hygiene. Other strategies that may help you deal with fibromyalgia include taking gentle exercise, following relaxation techniques, trying complementary therapies, managing stress and adopting a positive attitude. This book aims to offer you practical advice in all of these areas to help you both prevent and relieve your fibromyalgia symptoms.

She says the pain she felt was ‘as if the blood in my hands was poisoned with burning acid’. Within a week, the pain spread to her arms and legs. ‘It was like a nightmare,’ she recalls. ‘I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and even a short walk was agony. ’ She went to see her GP, who applied pressure to various areas on her body. ’ Her GP also carried out blood tests to check for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. He eventually diagnosed fibromyalgia and told her it was a chronic pain condition that would never go away, but she could learn to manage it.

6. Clear away clutter If a bulging wardrobe, heaving shelves and overflowing cupboards are getting you down, make your life simpler and less stressful by getting rid of unnecessary clutter around your home. You’ll save time and energy, because your home will be easier to keep clean and tidy, and you’ll find things more quickly in a clutter-free environment; your mental clarity will also improve, because ridding yourself of physical clutter clears the mind. If you haven’t worn, read or used an item for two years or more, give it to a charity shop, sell it on eBay or bin it.

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