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40 Sufi comics by Mohammed Ali Vakil

By Mohammed Ali Vakil

Sufi Comics are brief comedian strips that illustrate the everlasting religious truths within the teachings of Islam. forty Sufi Comics is a suite of those comics within the kind of a publication. along every one comedian are correct verses from the Holy Qur'an and Traditions from the Prophet & the Ahlul Bayt. a number of the titles integrated during this ebook: * the reality approximately Lies * mom * the place does knowledge come from? * the place is God’s Treasure? * No challenge! * How a ways is Heaven? * a trip to Hell * am i able to see God? and extra…

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Shhh. Hi there, My son. 36 rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground. LoOk at alL this! There is so much to seE. Come with Me. WhoOps! Easy does it. 37 AlL this, My son … it’s alL yours. I give you every seEd-bearing plant on the face of the earth … … and every treE that has fruit with seEd in it. They’re yours to eat. gr RoWR That’s a funNy sound, isn’t it? You’lL neEd to eat foOd. You know … for foOd. 38 Come on! I have more to show you!

Am no longer from lucifer . now on, \ shall be known as BEELZEBUL . his world is mine. and you will bow only to me! now, let’s go see what god’s prize is up to. 59 60 Bear. Sour. {grunt} Trade? 61 It is not goOd for the man to be alone. Flamingos. cows. Hyenas. Elephants. 62 Serpent. Ostrich.

It’s incredible. But I wonder if He might consider our enhanced version … one that would also secure our place in this new world of His. I hope I’m misunderstanding you, Lucifer. AlL I’m saying is if they can make choices as we do, and if they’lL be treated as His heirs, then why can’t we be treated the same way? 43 Because that’s not our place. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. WelL, why shouldn’t He love us the way He’lL love them? We were made first! Don’t telL me you don’t want more power? More love?

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